A recently created software to solve commom problems.
Ready for smartphones and tablets.

About ImBoat

It´s a software-based boat management, customer relations, interaction with employees. For small and large businesses, this software is an ally on the needs of a nautical company.

Who develops this software?

A software developed by people living nautical, designed to improve the relationship of companies with their customers, inform and qualify in every way.


Our experiences have given us the capacity to provide technology consulting for the boating area. We will help you to improve and / or optimize the day-to-day operations of your company.

For your convenience, we have developed a demonstration of this software, with the ability to play the day of an operating company.


We can offer all-in-one platform in a single and impressive software!

Latest releases

Latest releases available on software

Every time we provide a novelty designed by the planning teams.

Feedback system

After a contact made by a customer on the platform, we sent an email after 72 hours to know the views of care.

Goals by region

Be the targets separated by regions or representations. Let the manager of each department know the team efficiency.


We connected the usual Agenda to remember a telephone that need to be made for a client. Less reminders on paper.

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